Practical example of how to use BEM with Sass

On the web I’ve found a lot of good article’s about using BEM. But I missed a really simple (short) example of how to use BEM on a easy way with Sass. Especially sinces more and more Frontend Developers are using Sass as their CSS-preprocessor. So this is my quick & simple version of how you can use BEM in combination with Sass! If you don’t know BEM, than I would reccomend you to read “MindBEMding – getting your head ’round BEM syntax” from CSS Wizardry – Harry Roberts.

How to structure CSS or Sass for an large application

If you read more off my posts, you know that i love Front-end! Not only the Development, but also the Architecture! I got great experience with setting up an CSS structure for big (and small) applications. All the time i setup an structure i use Sass. Use Sass to structure the CSS Since i work with Sass, my development is a lot faster then before. I think it’s smarter to don’t ignore the CSS-preprocessors in opinion!

Work Faster & Play Harder as Frontend Developer!

As an Frontend Developer you got a lot of work to do. You have to create and build fast, but without tools thats not easy. So “Use good tools”! Like an carpenter use good tools to craft his home or table, as an Frontend Developer you also have to invest time/money to find good tools to “Work Faster and Play Harder” and have a lot of fun! Tools, tools and more tools Yes there are a lot of tools to use for your Frontend work.

Create crossbrowser CSS prefixes with an Sass Mixin

Are you searching for an Sass Mixin that generate all the crossbrowser prefixes for CSS3? Than you definitely need this Sass Mixin. I use it myself in all my projects. It is so easy to use, let me explain it to you guys! Sass Mixin [code type=”css”] @mixin css3($property, $value) { @each $prefix in -webkit-, -moz-, -ms-, -o-, ” { #{$prefix}#{$property}: $value; } } [/code] How to use! [code type=”css”]

Working with Sass Css Pre-Processor on an Network drive was an HELL! Until now!

Sass & Zurb Foundation Framework Since a few months i use Sass as my Css Pre-Processor (togheter with Zurb Foundation Framework) for all my projects because it give’s me a huge jump-start in the building process. I created a lot of mix-in’s that makes my life a lot easier as an developer. But after i buy a nice NAS of Synology the hell start’s for me! Network drive To compile my code i use Compass-app, i like that because it’s super easy in use and works very fast!
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