2 solutions for empty spaces below an IMG html element (no margins used)

Have you ever have empty space below a DIV element with an image inside of it? No? Lucky you! I had this problem. But this image had no margin or padding below it. So it was really weird. But I never thought about what kind of type of display (CSS), an IMG element was. And what I saw, it was a “display: inline”. So that helps a lot to find a solution (after a hour searching, checking and reloading hahaha).

How to create an Cross browser Gradient Background with an Sass Mixin

Since I’ve working with Sass as an CSS-preprocessor my front-end development stage is faster than before. I like to work with compass to compile my Sass. But sometime i think hé that code could be easier, and than i’m simply searching with Google and than i find easy Sass mixin’s. Cross browser Gradient background So now i create my own Sass mixin to create an cross browser gradient background. And it’s so easy!

11 Awesome Codepen’s with HTML, CSS and Javascript for your inspiration!

Many webdeveloper’s are familiar with Codepen. If you don’t know Codepen, you can read read here a guide how to use Codepen. But i don’t wanna show you what you can do with Codepen! I’ll like to show you awesome example’s of what webdeveloper has made with Codepen. Here are the 11 most awesome Codepen’s with HTML, CSS3 and Javascript for your inspiration. 1. Make this Responsive Check out this Pen!
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