Your first AngularJS Application

AngularJS is hot these times, so hot that all the big companies are searching for (frontend) developers with a good knowledge of AngularJS and testing AngularJS application’s. So I would love to tell you how to build your first (basic) AngularJS Application. You can use it as a base to start, and build something cool(er) with it. Let’s begin with the start! If you just want to use my first setup?

Simple name filter with AngularJS

You probably have heard or seen a lot of articles on the web about AngularJS. So this time i’m learning myself AngularJS. I thought it was time to learn something new. So why not learn AngularJS. A few days ago i learnt my first thing with AngularJS. I build a name filter. The best thing about AngularJS i like, it’s so simple to create something (simple offcourse) :). And because everything i learn, i wanna share with you guys.
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