Building Responsive Table with only CSS

Are you working a lot with Responsive websites? And hate those table’s in form example Woocommerce? Try this snippet to make your table Responsive with only CSS! WordPress Responsive Body classes For my Responsive WordPress website’s i use also an (half) self developed WordPress plugin named “WP Mobile Detect” to check if the website is loaded on an computer, smartphone or tablet. And if it is an tablet to check what kind of OS it has.

Create crossbrowser CSS prefixes with an Sass Mixin

Are you searching for an Sass Mixin that generate all the crossbrowser prefixes for CSS3? Than you definitely need this Sass Mixin. I use it myself in all my projects. It is so easy to use, let me explain it to you guys! Sass Mixin [code type=”css”] @mixin css3($property, $value) { @each $prefix in -webkit-, -moz-, -ms-, -o-, ” { #{$prefix}#{$property}: $value; } } [/code] How to use! [code type=”css”]

How to create an option for your WordPress Theme

For one of my client´s i´m building an custom WordPress Theme. And in my development process i´m an proponent to create the admin as flexible as possible for the client. So i needed an options so the client could change the zoom level of an Google Maps map in the footer. For all the options in an WordPress Theme i use the Options Framework. It´s very flexibel and easy to use in your WordPress themes.

How to create an Cross browser Gradient Background with an Sass Mixin

Since I’ve working with Sass as an CSS-preprocessor my front-end development stage is faster than before. I like to work with compass to compile my Sass. But sometime i think hé that code could be easier, and than i’m simply searching with Google and than i find easy Sass mixin’s. Cross browser Gradient background So now i create my own Sass mixin to create an cross browser gradient background. And it’s so easy!

Breadcrumbs in your WordPress website or blog!

Breadcrumbs where used in many website’s and blogs, the let the user know where the current page is in the structure of the website. The most WordPress users install plugin’s to get this done. For non-developers i’ll understand that very well, the install and activate the plugin and start using them. But for the developer with there own WordPress website or blog, i’ll like to share an WordPress snippet to create an Breadcrumb.
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