Custom Woocommerce email notification for dealer or supplier

Since a couple of days i was searching of a solution to make my own custom email notification for Woocommerce. And especially to send an dealer or supplier an email that he have got an order to handle. But Woocommerce has a documentation. But custom stuff like this you wouldn’t find there. So i started myself! And came with an solution. For my locations i use the WordPress plugin SimpleMap, it’s a nice plugin to create dealer location libary where visitors can search if there near by an dealer.

Invoice plugin sneakpeak

As you can see this is one of the details of my new invoice WordPressd plugin! I”ll keep you all updated! ūüôā

How to create an Cross browser Gradient Background with an Sass Mixin

Since I’ve working with Sass as an CSS-preprocessor my front-end development stage is faster than before. I like to work with compass to compile my Sass. But sometime i think h√© that code could be easier, and than i’m simply searching with Google and than i find easy Sass mixin’s. Cross browser Gradient background So now i create my own Sass mixin to create an cross browser gradient background. And it’s so easy!

Announcement! Plan to build an Invoice WordPress Plugin

A couple months ago i¬†conceived the idea to challenging myself in the knowledge of programming for WordPress, to build an plugin where i can make Invoice with. The idea was only the plugin for the purpose to build my knowledge in WordPress Plugin development. But because the work i’ve got from my clients was so much, that i’ve got no time to develop the invoice plugin¬†further. And a few months later i almost forgot the plugin because of my business.

How to use icon fonts in your next Webdevelopment project?

Icon fonts became populair than ever, that’s why i wanna share with you folks how to use them in your next webdevelopment project. It’s super easy! There are many tools and services to use them in you webdevelopment project. This is how i do it I use the free service of TimPietrusky¬†named “We Love Icon Fonts“. Go to the website Scroll trough the different fonts Select for example “Font Awesome” Select in the navigation the second icon to see how to use your selected font Copy & Paste the code in your CSS @import url(http://weloveiconfonts.
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