How to deploy your website with Git to your web-hosting and use Github or Bitbucket instead!

For a long time, i was searching for a good solution to automatically deploy my websites to my web-hosting (Webfaction) via Git. I use Git (Github or Bitbucket) with all my Web-Dev projects, i was searching for a solution to setup my personal Continuous Deployment/Delivery work-flow. Before you follow this guid In my guide, i assume that you are already familiar with Git. So i’m not gonna explain all the Git basics.

How to deploy only your dist folder to gh-pages branch (Github Pages)

If you do a lot on Github, you probably know what Github Pages are. For the ones who don’t know: “On Github Pages you can host an HTML, CSS & JavaScript website. Simply create an branch called: gh-pages, wait a few minutes and you can find it with this url /“. Only deploy your dist folder to Github Pages When you’re working with a handy taskrunner like GruntJS or GulpJS, than you may have a dist folder where all files are in that are fully optimized.

Frontend Developers 35+ tools, libraries & resource of November

Presentation ~199 slides of Frontend Tooling workflow: Everything is an Polyfill Learning Learning Advanced JavaScript by JS the right way Tools List of Frontend Tools Gulp Chrome DevTools: Chrome Extention Gulp Chrome DevTools: NPM package Grunt Chrome DevTools: Chrome Extention Grunt Chrome DevTools: NPM package Emmet Re:view Grunt CSS Metrics PageSpeed Insights for Node – with reporting Yeoman Performance optimization API Benchmarking (Grunt plugin) Grunt Combine media queries

Github for Beginners: Push files from local project to new Github repository with console

This week i started to learn a couple of new things for my development. One of these things was learn to use Github. I had never had the time or the needing of learn myself how to use Github, but now was the right time. Because i’ve put all my time in it to learn i wanna share it with those who want to learn it. And because it cost me a lot of time to figure out how to use it and add it in my workflow, i write this article.
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