Prevent git merge-conflicts by tabs or spaces with Editorconfig 😉

If you ever worked in a team with developers, you soon find out they maybe use different editors, (IDE’s) with different settings than yours. But you are a big fan of linting and reviewing code in Github or other Git system, but everytime someone checks-in code, there are massive merge-conflicts because of different settings for the indenting. If you use tabs and a developer from your team is using spaces by default, it will soon become a merge-conflict hell!

How to deploy your website with Git to your web-hosting and use Github or Bitbucket instead!

For a long time, i was searching for a good solution to automatically deploy my websites to my web-hosting (Webfaction) via Git. I use Git (Github or Bitbucket) with all my Web-Dev projects, i was searching for a solution to setup my personal Continuous Deployment/Delivery work-flow. Before you follow this guid In my guide, i assume that you are already familiar with Git. So i’m not gonna explain all the Git basics.

Git error: Updates were rejected because tag already exists in the remote! (Sourcetree)

  A while ago i worked at a big project with a big team. But for Git i use Sourcetree. And when i wanted to push my changes, i got this error: ! [rejected] folder-name/folder-name-1.3 -> folder-name/folder-name-1.3 (already exists) updating local tracking ref 'refs/remotes/origin/master' error: failed to push some refs to '' hint: Updates were rejected because the tag already exists in the remote. So it seems that i was trying to push an tag that already exists in the remote repository.
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