About Raymon

Hi! I’m Raymon and I’m working as a Senior Frontend Developer.

I love to work with HTML5, CSS3, NodeJS, NPM scripts, (Vanilla) JavaScript, GruntJS, GulpJS, Bower, Sass/SCSS/PostCSS,AngularJS 1.5 & 2, Typescript, Responsive, Git, Vue.js.

Special message for recruiters: Java is NOT JavaScript! I don’t do Java development but JavaScript Development!!!!

I’m super passionated about helping others with getting better in Frontend Development. Helping them to get better tech & soft skills, to rock it on their job/project. That is the reason why I founded the Mr Frontend Community, everyone, young & old, black & white, male or female, religious or not, it doesn’t matter!

Latest posts

What is the JavaScript Set in ES2015 and when should you use it?

The ES2015 spec is full of new features that continuously be introduced in all the new browsers. The Set collection is one of those new things.

My first thought was, well I could just use a normal Array! But I will show you what you can do with the Set collection.